Concept Design + Front End Development
MUTUAL GOOD consists of a landing site and a product application. Conceptual design and layout was created for both front and backend, in addition to HTML development for the landing site.
WordPress Template Customization
Find Your Light Foundation required a fully customized design from a pre-made WordPress template. Aside from design changes, a child theme was created to manipulate the code.
WordPress Custom Site Design
PROWINDOWZ was created from a blank template only using WordPress backend technologies to deliver a comletely customized design layout.
Concept Design + Development
ANDREA MARCUM YOGA is a custom designed site built in HTML and utilizing Jquery plugin technologies.
Concept Design and Layout
FLOATING WORLD GALLERY was completely redesigned with an updated look.
Concept Design and Layout
ATS MEDIA required a facelift to their homepage that would not only help engage users but also clearly explain the content.
Concept Design + Cart Customization
CONFECTIONALLY YOURS is an eCommerce site completely custom designed and built on the Open Source PrestShop template.
Template Customization
WISE CONSTRUCTION CO was built from a ThemForest template and also incorporates added on jQuery technology.
Concept Design + Development
KID GLOVE is a cuustom designed site with HTML development plus uses of Jquery plugin technologies.